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About Us

Thubelihle Graduate Institute Background

Thubelihle Graduate Institute (TGI) is a private College, which was conceived as a vehicle to focus on producing graduates who are able to meet the needs of the modern day employer. It focuses on creating entrepreneurs who are able to focus on self-employment and thus be able to be relevant in an ever changing economy. It is a further education and training college which was created out of a need for transformation in the working environments of both the public and private sector. Our primary objective is to nurture and harness the entrepreneurial flair, talent and network of individuals into the mainstream of the organizations where these qualities can be fully utilized within the economy.

We also seek to provide experienced professionals opportunities to express their skills adequately in their respective fields and thus enhancing the socio-economic factors of their communities in particular and their country in general. 

Our Philosophy

To purposefully develop individuals taking cognisance of their specific needs taking into account intellectual capabilities, learning styles, tempo of learning and their personality traits. 

To maintain an adult approach which encourages learner self actualisation, within and without, group context and co-operations.

To integrate fully the theory, practice and the work situation in the learners, by amalgamating the foundational, practical and reflexive competence in all skills programmes.

Strategic Objectives

Thubelihle Graduate Institute is cognisant of the transformational challenges of South Africa and as such the further education and training college is managed on sound business principles, using the skills of the founders or shareholders as a driving force to its ultimate success. Our short-term goal involves investing our time and money in developing the skills of our incumbents influenced by the industry growth and driven by flexible staffing.  

In order for us to remain competitive we draw resources from within or engage in joint ventures and/or strategic alliances. Individuals within the further education and training college are shouldered with responsibility of investigating opportunities and developing relationships with potential partners. 

We strive to develop simple, user-friendly and effective training programmes that capture, enhance and hold the readiness, willingness and commitment of all the stakeholders to make a meaningful contribution;

We ensure systematic and integrated training programmes that lay a solid foundation, reinforce and harness skills for effective and efficient delivery systems;

We ensure the continual evaluation of the impact, ongoing support, mentorship and taking corrective action as soon as possible.

Core Objectives

We dedicate ourselves to training and development that creates learners that will achieve their potential through continuous education, training and recognition performance. We maintain a limited customer base, ensuring that we are always available to serve their needs.

TGI strives to expose and provide meaningful opportunities to the youth and women, through relevant skills development in a disciplined and responsible manner that benefits the community.

To provide management and organisational development systems to enhance efficient service delivery mechanisms for our clients and customers.

To create a conducive climate for stakeholder management through consultation and transparent interventions.


Our vision is “Train for Success”. It is through this vision that governments and developmental organizations  will recognize and acknowledge TGI  as the premier qualifications in the corporate world, catering and hospitality industry, in youth and women development and to be a reliable agricultural  training and development provider, and to meet members’ requirements at all times and be pro-active. Be the pioneer of new standards in the field of agricultural education and training development to individuals, organizations and institutions. 


The mission of TGI: 

Our mission is to open the gates of life through training and improving the standard of lives of the disadvantaged communities by providing nationally recognized professional qualifications in accordance with the NQF principles and objectives yet assisting our candidates to become skilled, competent, and adding value to all the activities we are involved in, to take advantage of the significant skills development opportunities available in training and development through a professional approach to mobilizing all stakeholders, and an emphasis on outstanding learner support and services and to train and transfer lifelong skills to unemployed individuals and developmental skills to employed individuals thereby fighting unemployment and alleviating poverty.


The values that drive our conduct at TGI are derived from the quest to deliver the following:

We dedicate ourselves to products and services that create enthusiastic young leaders. No one is second-guessed for doing the right thing. We maintain a limited member base, ensuring that we are always available to serve their needs. We actively seek feedback from our members about how we are doing in satisfying their requirements, teams and individuals accept accountability for preventing, correcting and stopping processes that do not conform to providing quality service, strong and efficient guidance. We embrace human values and rights to freedom from hunger, rights to education, shelter, health, quality water and freedom of association.

  • We are pro-active and innovative
  • We are highly dedicated and skilled
  • We protect contractual and financial interest of our members
  • We maintain stakeholders relationship
  • We are committed
  • We are knowledgeable
  • We are passionate
  • We are responsible
  • We are enthusiastic
  • We are ethical